The Institution of the Year

The survey, Institution of the Year, is a collaboration between Sameyki, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, and several institutions. The survey will reach almost 25,000 employees in the public sector.

Responsibility of the survey is divided in the following way:

  • The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is responsible for the survey (the controller) with regards to governmental employees.
  • Sameyki union is responsible for the survey (the controller) towards its members. The purpose of Sameyki union is to strive for improvement in wages, terms, and working conditions for its members, to provide its members with certain services, and formulating demands in collective agreements. Sameyki surveys its members to be able to better serve their members’ needs and interests.
  • If a non-governmental institution/workplace/company decides to participate in the survey, then that institution is responsible for the survey (the controller).
  • Gallup in Iceland is entirely responsible for the survey process, collection and storage of data, and reporting (Gallup is the processor).

Will you be among the lucky winners?

Twelve prizes will be drawn from completed surveys from Sameyki’s members:

  • Two travel vouchers from Icelandair worth ISK 60,000 each.
  • Four winnings giving access to the Iceland Airwaves festival (each prize is two tickets).
  • A weekend in Sameyki‘s vacation houses, outside the allocation period (five prizes).
  • One week in Sameyki’s vacation house in Spain, outside the allocation period.

Eight prizes are then drawn from completed responses of respondents not belonging to Sameyki: four travel vouchers from Icelandair worth ISK 50,000 each and four gift certificates, each worth Iskr. 15,000)

Remember to keep your lottery number in the email provided with the survey. The winning numbers will be published in February on Sameyki's website and Gallup will also contact the winners by email.


How long does it take for me to answer?
If you participate in the “Institution of the Year,” the average response time is about 12 minutes. You can close the survey at any time and then resume answering when suitable. To resume answering, simply click on the link in the email.

What is the purpose of the survey and what institutions participate in it?
The purpose of the survey is twofold: First, to choose the “Institution of the Year” and thereby recognizing institutions that show exceptional performance with regards to its Human Resources. Secondly, to provide managers with information on what is well done and what can be improved in the working environment from employees’ point of view and thereby enabling managers to strengthen the internal environment of the workplace.

The survey process is as follows: The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs has created a list of participants, name and e-mail addresses of government employees. Employees are then sent the survey by email. If a participant does not have a registered e-mail address, the survey link is sent to the participant’s mobile phone.

Other companies / institutions can also request participation in the survey. Many non-state institutions take advantage of this opportunity and send participation lists directly to Gallup. Non-governmental institutions pay for their employees’ participation themselves.

How do you participate and what is the subject of the survey?
The survey is an online survey only and sent to employees and Sameyki’s union members via email or SMS. If you have not received an invite to the survey before the mid of November, please send an email to Gallup (

The questions in the survey are of diverse nature but classified into nine themes: management, morale, work environment, etc. Each question is answered on a five-point scale, and the choice of the institution and company of the Year is based on a total score calculated on these nine factors.

Where can I access the results?
Data collection starts early November. It lasts several weeks and ends in mid December. Results are compiled in January. Results are then made public on the Sameyki’s website in February for all institutions attaining minimum response rate. Subsequently, all governmental institutions will obtain a report with the results of all the questions of the survey in March. Companies and non-governmental institutions can buy a similar report.

How is confidentiality ensured?
All answers are treated with utmost confidentiality. Respondents answer the survey on Gallup’s secure service. Results are never analyzed in such a way that individual identities can be identified. The following applies to data collection, storing and reporting of the data to ensure respondents confidentiality:

  • During the data collection there is a link between your email and the survey. This link is necessary for us to send out survey reminders. When data collection ends, this link between your email and your answers is broken. Pseudonymization is used for a limited time to be able to correct errors, in case these would appear, but deleted within 30 days from the end of the survey execution. From that time, the datafile does not include a number, or other personally identifiable information, that can be linked directly to you.
  • In all analysis and reports, five and more responses are needed for reporting of means and twenty and more answers for reporting exact distributions.
  • Analysis of the questions by background information, e.g. gender, age, industry, occupation, and union membership, is only performed for large groups, e.g. the overall dataset, all union members, or other large groups so as not to risk the confidentiality of the respondents. No analyzes, data or reports are submitted to the controllers unless the anonymity of the respondents is guaranteed. Information about your gender, age and the institution you work for is imported from the institutions’ employee lists for convenience. Analysis by background variables is done for research and policy purposes only. For this purpose, general trends and patterns in the data is examined; i.e. to assess the overall impact of management and working environment on health and well-being of employees, questions are analyzed by professions, industries, age groups, and gender.
  • Winning numbers in the Lottery are drawn from a list containing only necessary information for the draw. This list does not include your responses in the survey.

Here you find a link to Gallup’s privacy policy:

If you have any further questions regarding confidentiality you are welcome to contact Olga Katrín or Tomas Bjarnason by email:

How are the institution’s results reported?
In order to publish the institution’s results, minimum participation rate must be reached, that is, 35% response rates and a minimum of five responses. If participation is below 35% or fewer than five answer the questions, results for the institution will not be published and no report will be available for the institution.

The results for all institutions that reach minimum participation for all the nine factors will be available on Sameyki’s website at the end of February 2021.

All institutions that fulfill the above requirements for participation, will receive a report containing mean values for all factors and all questions comprising the nine factors measured in the survey. Results are shown for the institution, the industry which the institution belongs to, and results for all institutions is shown – for comparison. Only means are reported, although institutions can request frequency distributions for 20 or more responses, and correlational analysis for 30 or more responses.

For all institutions results are only shown for the institution overall and not broken down by workplaces, departments or divisions. However, if you are working for the following institutions, reporting differs from that of other institutions:

  • Landspítali
  • Barnaverndarstofa
  • Fangelsismálastofnun
  • Háskólinn á Akureyri
  • Heilsugæsla höfuðborgarsvæðisins
  • Lögregla á höfuðborgarsvæðinu
  • Tryggingastofnun
  • Vinnueftirlitið
  • Háskóli Íslands
  • Skatturinn
  • Heilbrigðisstofnun Vestfjarða

In these institutions results are analyzed by units (e.g. workplaces, divisions, or departments). This is done so the results can be utilized better for improving the work environment than if only being able to view results for the institution overall. Still, in the reporting it will be ensured that no individual data will be revealed. Means will only be shown for five responses. No analysis is done by background variables for units (e.g., division, department) within institutions.

Why should I respond?
Good participation increases the chances that management of your workplace taking the results seriously and responding to challenges in the work environment. Many institutions have taken advantage of the results from previous years and used them to improve and strengthen the internal environment of their institution. By answering you are playing a part in enabling managers to improve the internal environment of your institution.

When will the survey be delivered to participants?
Data collection starts in November and emails should have reached everyone before mid November. The survey will then be open till 15th of December. If you have not received a survey before 15the of November, we ask you to contact Gallup at

Do I decide if I participate in the survey?
Participation in the survey is voluntary, that means that it is your choice if you participate or not. But we want to stress that the better the participation, the more likely it is that that the results will reflect the situation of your workplace.

Can I skip individual questions?
You can always skip answering individual questions by clicking “Do not wish to answer.” Alternatively, you might click on “Not applicable” or “Do not know” if you feel the question does not apply to you or if you do not know the answer.

Why do you ask about occupation and education?
Gallup only asks questions necessary for fulfilling the purpose and goals of the survey. In an overall report results are analyzed by background information that shed light on the impact of the work environment on the well-being and attuites of employees. As pointed out before, such analysis is only conducted for large groups, e.g. Sameyki’s members overall, and never in a way that could reveal individual identities.

Again, we emphasis that we treat all responses with full confidentiality. You are free to skip individual questions or the survey altogether, but we stress that for the results to be of the best use, it is important that you participate. If you need further information about the data collection, storage of the data, or reporting, you are welcome to contact Olga Katrín or Tomas Bjarnason by email

Here you find a link to Gallup’s privacy policy: