Your privacy is important to Gallup. This policy applies to personal information whether it is collected and stored electronically, on paper or in other comparable ways. The policy covers the collection, storage and processing of personal information stated by the policy. The policy is available on the company’s website.


The relevant law about the handling of personal information is law no. 90/2018 about personal privacy and the processing of personal information as it is at each time and the relevant sections of regulations of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 about the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal information and the free distribution of such information. The laws specify processing, storage and disclosure of personal information.


GALLUP Iceland is generally responsible for the registration of personal information given to the firm and is and is the so-called data controller of the processing in the sense of the privacy laws because of Gallup’s service but can in some instances be the processor of the information or in some cases a common data controller with another entity.

The entities Gallup distributes information to, cf. chapter V in the personal privacy policy, are independent data controllers regarding the processing of information they handle, for instance regarding marketing and are independently responsible for all its handling being in accordance to the laws on privacy.

You can contact us at Lyngháls 4, 110 Reykjavík, by sending a written request at gallup@gallup.is and by calling 540-1200 if you have any questions regarding personal privacy issues.


Gallup Iceland is a research company and as such it collects and analyzes personal information. Gallup Iceland is very concerned about confidentiality and the safe handling of personal information and acts according a strong code of ethics made by the international federation of marketing-and opinion research companies, ESOMAR. In all presentations of conclusions, care is taken so that answers can’t be traced to individual respondents and all employees have signed a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement, as regards both respondents and customers. Gallup’s information processing is based on either the execution of contract, permission, directives in laws, rules and government directives or on the bases of legal interest. To be able to fulfill our mission we collect the following information and process it for the following purpose:

  • Your name, identity number, address, gender, nationality and phone number to be able to offer you to take part in surveys and relation to surveys you agreed to take part in (sample)
  • History of survey participation, so as to manage the amount of surveys sent to respondents
  • E-mail and background variables, in accordance with your agreement
  • Your name, email and a survey you took part in, if you have been selected in the respondents lottery, to be able to register winners and see if prizes have been collected
  • Your name, the identity number of the legal entity you are the head of, the volume and date of business to be able to do our duty according to the Accounting Act and do quality control
  • Your name and email with your agreement to be able to make it possible for you to use our web and social sites
  • Your name, phone number and email to be able to answer questions and act on your requests, if you contact us first

When you look at and use GALLUP Iceland’s website we collect information your browser sends to be able to improve user satisfaction and increase security, i.e. information that can contain data like your IP—number, type of browser, version of browser, pages of the service, time and date of visit and other numerical data.

We use cookies to separate you from other users on Gallup’s website. Web cookies are small text files that your browser saves on your computer, if your browser is set to consent to the use of web cookies. Web cookies makes it possible for us to remember some of a user’s settings to be able to enhance his experience and get statistical information about the use of the website Gallup.is.

Users can decide if they consent to the use of some or all cookies by adjusting the settings in the browser. If the user elects not to consent to the use of cookies that part of the website can become inaccessible.

Gallup utilises Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to analyse traffic on Gallup.is, and to show personalised ads to users. These services collect data anonymously and create reports on usage trends, this data is not linked to individual users or their personal information.


We will never sell personal information about you. We will never share your personal information with third parties without your consent for the disclosure (which you are free to refuse) except as required by law or in the cases listed in section IV. or in the next paragraph.

We may share personal information with third parties (processors) that are service providers, agents or developers, in order to complete a project or providing you with a service or product that you have requested or approved. We may also share information with processors when necessary to protect critical interests, for example when collecting a default claim. We also share information, for statistical purposes, with processors who work with us in quality control and marketing. We provide the processors with only the personal information necessary for them for the above purposes, and we make an agreement with them so they are under an obligation to keep your information safe and use it for the above purposes only. In exceptional cases processors outside Europe are used when sending surveys to participants. This is done on the grounds that a standard contractual clause has been signed for the transfer of personal information to a sub-processor, a risk assessment has been carried out and the protection of personal information has been assessed adequate, e.g. considering the factors specified in paragraph 2 article 45 in the General Data Protection Regulation.


GALLUP Iceland strongly emphasizes the protection of all personal information, and thus has an internal control system to ensure that appropriate technical and organizational safety measures are always taken.

We will notify you without undue delay in the event of a breach of security regarding your personal information that poses a high risk to you. Security violations in the above sense means security breaches that result in unintentional or unlawful destruction of personal data or with the consequence that it is lost, altered, displayed, or granted unauthorized access.

However, your attention is drawn to the fact that you are responsible for personal information, e.g. name, social security number and picture you prefer to share or send in the public domain e.g. via Gallup’s Facebook page.


If you take part in a survey conducted by GALLUP Iceland, any personally identifiable information (other than any information you choose to submit in a survey) is not saved with your answers, but rather replaced by pseudonyms. Within 30 days from the end of the survey period any personal information in the sample register is deleted.

GALLUP Iceland tries as best it can to keep personal information about the representatives of its customers and suppliers correct and reliable and updates it as needed. We store personal information about representatives until we are requested not to, and as long as requested by law.


You are entitled to and may request the following information by sending a written inquiry to gallup@gallup.is:

a) To know what personal information is stored about you and why and how to access your personal information

b) To get information about how your personal information is processed

c) to request that your personal information is updated and corrected

d) to request your personal information is deleted, if there is no longer any reason to preserve it

e) to criticize and / or limit the way in which personal information is processed

f) to obtain any personal information you have provided to us or ask that it is sent directly to another party with the limitations that the rights and freedoms of others impose

g) revoke your consent for processing when processing is based on that authorization in the same way as you provided it or by sending us a written inquiry

h) to obtain information on whether automatic decision making is being used, including the formulation of the personal profile and the arguments underlying it and the significance and intended consequences of such processing

Your request will be considered and we will supply the information (as applicable) within a reasonable period of time, subject to the restrictions imposed by the rights and freedoms of others, including business secrets and intellectual property rights. We draw your attention to the collection of a special photocopy fee if more than one copy is requested. You will be notified and given a statement in case of delay or if the request cannot be completed in full, no later than one month after receipt of it.

You always have the right to complain to the Data Protection Agency if there is a disagreement about the handling of personal information, but we would appreciate it if you gave us a chance to solve the problem before you to talk to the Data Protection Agency.


Gallup Iceland generally does not carry out research among children younger than 18 years old without consent from both the child and their guardian. The exception to this is when the research directly benefits the respondent (for example, by improving working environment). In that case research is conducted among children that are 13 years or older with their consent, and care is taken that the survey suits both their age and maturity. Research is never conducted among children younger than 13 years old without consent from the child and their guardian.


The Privacy Policy is reviewed on a regular basis and may therefore be amended. You are therefore advised to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy on a regular basis, but changes to the policy will take effect on publication of the company's website: www.gallup.is.

First approved: April 17th, 2018
Last modified: November 24th, 2022