The following terms and conditions stipulate the usage rules for materials available on the website and the Corporate Area of ​​GI rannsóknir ehf. ("Gallup"). By using the Website and the Gallup Corporate Area, you agree to the content of these Terms.

The following explanations apply to the following key terms of use:

  • Official content:All texts, documents and results of research published on Gallup's website ( An example of public content is Gallup's National Pulse.
  • Unofficial content: All texts, documents and results of research that appear only in Gallup's Corporate Area and are owned by Gallup ( An example of unofficial content is Gallup's consumption and lifestyle survey.
  • Customer Content: All texts, documents, and results of research that customers have purchased or uploaded on Gallup's Corporate Area. Examples of customer content are service surveys that Gallup has performed for its customers.
  • Gallup Website and Corporate Area: The websites, software, applications, data and any other information that it is based on.
  • Gallup’s Website and Corporate Area: You may use official content that may be found on the Gallup website for personal or commercial purposes, provided you state the source. Unofficial content displayed in Gallup's Corporate Area may not be used for resale or reproduction except with Gallup's consent. This data may not be copied in whole or in part, such as by screen printing, printing or otherwise, without consultation with Gallup. The reason for this provision is to protect unofficial content owned by Gallup so that it is not made public by third parties.

It is forbidden to disclose content that Gallup customers own without Gallup’s consent. This is done to ensure that results are interpreted according to Gallup's methodology.

Without Gallup’s written consent others may not (a) edit, sell or rent any public content displayed on Gallup's website, (b) reverse engineer, decrypt or otherwise attempt to access the source code of the website or the Gallup Corporate Area; (c) use the website and / or the Gallup Corporate Area in such a way as to provide access to multiple downloads of data in the databases; (d) use official and unofficial content that appears on the Website and / or Gallup Corporate Area to create databases.


Gallup is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused directly or indirectly due to malfunction of computer equipment and / or Gallup’s or the user's software, or for any other reason that may cause corruption of data or that the user is unable to connect to the service. Gallup is not responsible for any damage that may be caused directly or indirectly due to defects or malfunctions of terminal equipment, connections to the World Wide Web, software required for connection to the Website or Gallup Corporate Area, browser, or operating system of the user or Gallup, or for other reasons to cause operations on the websites to be unsuccessful or different than might be expected due to technical malfunctions, data errors or interference with computer systems. Gallup is not responsible for any damage resulting from ignorance, misunderstanding or misuse of the user. Gallup is not responsible for any damage attributable to external events, e.g. malfunctions, wrong external information, etc. Furthermore, Gallup shall not be liable if the damage can be attributed to events resulting from natural disasters, wars, strikes or items deemed to be subject to force majeure.

Gallup reserves the right to block network traffic that violates these Terms of Use.

Changes to terms

Gallup reserves the right to unilaterally determine the services provided through the Gallup Corporate Website at any time, and encourages users to review the Terms as they are at any given time.