GALLUP‘s policy is to ensure the security of the company and its customers‘ information, with respect to confidentiality, correctness and availability. Our strategy is to safeguard the security of data and the equipment in which the data are run.

GALLUP endeavours to detect and address risks. Risk assessment and internal study are conducted regularly to determine whether further measures are needed and to work towards constant improvements. Gallup has an ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

GALLUP protects data and information systems against unauthorized access, use, changes, revelations, destruction, loss or removal.

GALLUP operates an efficient access security system at the premises and in the information systems of the company with the goal of safeguarding data and equipment against operating disturbances, misuse, theft, sabotage, loss, etc.

The personnel and service parties, both current and former, are not authorized to disclose any information about GALLUP‘s internal affairs, those of its customers or of other personnel.

GALLUP promotes active security awareness among the personnel, customers, the service parties and guests through promotion and training. Operations and working procedures shall be exemplary in respect of data security.

GALLUP operates on grounds of good prevailing business practice, national law and personal data protection in order to secure the interests of the customers.

GALLUP revises these policies as appropriate, however, biannually as a minimum.

First approved: May 9th, 2018

Last modified: May 9th, 2018